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What is Flashlight Drags?

The Flashlight Drags feature a Car Show, Car Cruise, vendors' midway, music, food, and fun for the entire family.

The races start with a flashlight signal, just like early days of rebel drag racing that many know only from old movies. Cars and trucks drag down the 1/8 mile airport runway. The crowd goes wild!

The event evolved from a simple idea to provide a venue where a hot-rodder or tuner could burn tire and race a buddy, without risking jail time or jeopardizing safety. The goal was to provide the illusion and excitement of street racing with a touch of nostalgic old-school drag racing.

All vehicles must be street legal, and that means real mufflers! In the event that your vehicle makes too much noise, even though you have mufflers, we will ask you to find a way to quiet your pipes or sit on the sidelines. Sorry, no exceptions.

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